Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Know You're in Texas When:

1) Teachers wear their FFA (future farmers of america) jackets with pride.
2) Bagels are the same diameter as a coffee mug. * I thought everything was supposed to be bigger in Texas*
3) An airport is named after George Bush Sr. and there is a giant bronze statue in his honor.
4) FOX news store - in the same airport.
5) Your trolley driver, yes, I said 'trolley,' is a 65 year old man with an enormous cowboy hat. Finding out that I am from Washington (pronounced waRshingtun) he tells me that after Vietnam, he was stationed at Fort Lewis near Olympia, WA. He then proceeds to go on and on about Olympia Beer. "Best bur I e'er tasted. Wish I cood git me someothat down her." 
I then asked what kind of local beer he drinks now that he's been living in Texas. Expecting a list of Texas-specific micro brews to come out of his mouth, he then says "well. people down her rilly like Bud Light. Miller Light's purty popyeler too."
6) Cab drivers are polite. When we first arrived in San Antonio, there was an area set up to grab a cab - neat line of cars, patiently waiting for the next passenger in need of a ride. As we approach the cab line, we see that one cab's broken down. The next taxi pulls up beside, pops the hood and quickly stretches jumper cables from one engine to the other. Two things about this situation remind me that I am not in Manhattan:
* a cab driver is offering assistance
* now that both of the lanes are blocked, the 10 cabs behind don't honk once. Noone gets out of their car. No one shakes their fist out the window. People, including folks waiting for a cab, quietly stand and wait for the car to finish the jump and move out of the way. 


Anonymous said...

Your Uncle Tom would be proud of this picture and the FFA jacket and cowboy hat!

grace said...

Stereotypes!! Not everywhere in Texas is like this. :)