Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hit and Run

On my walk home from the subway today, I was in the zone. Tired and focused on climbing the stairs to my warm apartment. The light at 33rd and Park couldn't possibly have been any slower. Icy wind streaming past the 10-story GAP advertisement toward Union Square. I cinched my scarf a few tugs tighter around my neck and tried to hide within the collar of my new birthday coat. Home. Warm. This bag's too heavy. Couch. Breathe. All I want is that stupid, white walking man to light up.

The adjacent red hand begins to blink and the building crowd begins to lean in unison toward a burst onto the crosswalk. Wait for it... wait. Wait...Yes! I take half a step forward and before my numb left foot can hit the pavement, something hits the right side of my body. A stupid delivery bike guy plows his stupid delivery bike basket into my unassuming shoulder and down I go. He's going the wrong way on a one way and to make matters worse, he simply glances back with a sheepish grin and rides into the night. 

That warm couch doesn't seem as comforting with a bruised shin.


JJ Kissinger said...


You guys are the greatest...every time I look at your blog, I see how PERFECT it is that you're doing what you're doing...it's inspirational in a very normal and real way. Also, you can pull off a deep v like nobody's business.

Watch yourself on those crosswalks, bro...

The Cornwells said...

What!?! Thank goodness it was a bike and not a car. I cannot believe he grinned...his turkey will be burnt on Thanksgiving:)

I am so glad you are okay!

PT said...

If your bruised shins are still purple when you get home for Thanksgiving you can show us all...:-)
Your blog is awesome!