Thursday, November 20, 2008

NCTE Conference

I'm off to Newark today to fly to San Antonio, Texas. Our entire writing department has the privelage of attending the NCTE conference this weekend.

1) High quality workshops and sessions
2) Books and materials
3) Flight, hotel, conference fee paid
4) And.....

Weather for New York, NY
(Currently snowing)
Thu38°F 29°F
Fri36°F 25°F
Sat34°F 25°F
Sun43°F 29°F

Weather for San Antonio, TX
Thu 77°F 45°F
Fri 58°F 43°F
Sat 59°F 54°F
Sun 70°F 59°F


krik said...

I would love some updates. Going to a writing conference would be rad-dizzle.

Nancy S said...

Gee, too bad about exchanging the cold for a little warmth! I love national conferences... will be looking forward to hearing some of your learnings and inspirations.