Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Harlem Village Academy Students interviewed by Tom Brokaw


Dad said...

Thanks for posting this clip, Andrew! Was that your class of students?

Aunt Kerry said...

We weren't able to see the broadcast on the news so are thankful that you posted the interview. Pretty exciting stuff for young kids in this country/in your school!!!
Quite a moment in history for you, as well, to be living in New York City at such a moment as this!

Mike and Becka said...

How cool! Hi friends! Remember me - Becka? Ainsley, we lived together for a glorious year in a glorious apartment. Ha! Love that you are blogging so I can at least read about your lives. I am so happy that you guys are so happy!

Love to you both!

Jerm & Brooke said...

Hi Andrew!!!! Thanks for sharing the video with us!

As far as our emails.... and

I hope that you guys are doing great!!!! Miss you!

vashoncheryl said...

I love that interview. Our world has come quite far. Do you have any of those students in your class? I do so want to come visit and watch the wonderful work you are doing.