Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sidewalk Politics

Thoughts on this statement?
Comment away....


Jerm & Brooke said... least the used a stencil...tried to stay in the lines...that is a form of obedience right?

Kirsten said...

Well...let's see...I'm not really sure - I guess I would say blind obedience is not patriotism, but for those who have sacrificed, knowing what they are being obedient to - that might be patriotism.

Camille said...

I think "obedience" is passe, and "patriotism" is gauche. The negativism of the short phrase is self aware, thus hip, and draws attention to politics. Bringing politics into the hip-sphere is beueno, because the actively voting public is apx. 65, and they'd probably scrub this junk off their sidewalk.

Individual freedom, in contrast to "obedience" promotes unity; embracing our differences creates growth and connection, unity. Patriotism is a caricature of "unity."