Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morning thoughts

written last Spring

Rolling out of bed, groggy and pissed
"One more snooze baby?"
Eyes lazy and resisting opening with all their might
One pant leg on
coffee percolating
lunch in bag - now in backpack
wash my hair
find my wallet - unplug the cell
socks now - argyle, one at a time
shoes laced
tie cinched
check hair
adjust hair
"I need a haircut"
check hair again
gear up the Ipod
stumble down stairs
Strolling into darkness
"I'll try the 6 to the 5 train this morning - something new"
Spill my coffee in the middle of commuters' sleeping feet
pulling into the next station, I watch it trickle maliciously toward another army of shoes and bags
two napkins seem futile.
turnstile hits my thigh, up stairs to the dingy sprawl of the Bronx
the BX-19 floats mockingly by.
a good excuse for a morning stroll I suppose
60 feet above the East River, I am in love
in love with this city - its people
a Pez dispenser head nod comes from Xavier and Alyn on the next bus - smiling ridiculously through the smudged window
"Wake up, wake up" pours through my headphones and I heed its advice
a mob of pigeons float upward eclipsing the brick high rises towering in the distance
morning air swallows me whole
perfect morning

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vashoncheryl said...

Fun to find your blog...
If I knew how, I would post it on mine so others could find it as well. Guess I could put the address on there - I will try that. wonder what today was like in NYC - remembering. Did you get involved in any of the things going on? Hope your year goes well.