Wednesday, December 10, 2008

50 Book Challenge

With a school wide focus on literacy, we began the year with a challenge. In September, Tiki Barber came and spoke to the student body about the importance, and the joys, of reading. His pep talk was the official kick-off for the "50 book challenge."
Bulletin boards line the halls, tracking each students' progress. Students are held accountable and required to pass a comprehension quiz on every book they complete in order to count towards their 50.
As of today, we have six, 5th and 6th graders, who have already reached their goal .... and it's only the beginning of December!
Using every spare second we have to hype reading has made all the difference in the world. Like no other group of kids I have worked with, they are devouring books! Kids are using academic language to discuss pros and cons of various books, genres, characters, and authors. One of their biggest disappointments during the day is when independent reading ends. Kids have caught the reading bug and it's spreading!
I snapped this picture this morning as this 5th grader had two heavy Encyclopedia Britannicas , circa 1974, on her lap and one in her hand.

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