Sunday, January 18, 2009

New York Trivia Challenge

Without cheating, try to answer the following questions.

1) Why is New York referred to as "Gotham City?"
2) Why is New York referred to as "The Big Apple?"

Leave your guesses as comments.
Once you've commented, check this link: 


roddyboy said...

NYC is referred to as Gotham City because it's an island.

NYC is referred to as The Big Apple because it was "the apple" that drew so many people to this country.

I have no idea on these, but it is my honest guess. Also, I asked Joey for her help and she said that she skipped right to the link and looked at the answers. I couldn't believe it. But then I remembered she skips to the end of books and reads the big reveal. Skipper.

roddyboy said...

well, i just looked at the answers....and i think mine are better. skipper.

Aaron Riedl said...

Gotham City: Goth = dark; because NYC is often thought of as dark and cold.

Big Apple: "Apple of my eye" is an expression used to refer to something cherished. So, because NYC is such a big, cherished city to many people, the nickname caught on.

my best guesses... oh I'm so excited to click the link now!!!...